Things to Know on Your Fast Diet


Fast Diet is commonly alluded to as the 5:2 Diet, which means that you will have to eat normally for 5 days and the remaining days of the week will be reserved for fasting.  Your fasting does not necessarily means that you are not allowed to eat anything, but you will need to minimize your calorie intake down to 25%.  So if the normal calorie intake for women is 500 calories (600 for men), that means you have to minimize it down to 125 calories.


The science about the fast diet has been explained by the people who developed it, Mimi Spencer and Dr.  Michael Mosley.  Based on their claims, this type of diet will make you lose weight faster than any other conventional type of diet.  Dr. Michael Mosley himself attested to the veracity of this claim as he claims to lose 20 pounds in just few weeks of doing the 5:2 Diet.


Fast Diet:  How Healthy is It?


Our body continuously uses energy; the main source of energy would be the food that we ingest.  However, during the time that we stop consuming foods, the body will find another source of energy.  It will use the glucose found in your blood and convert it to an energy that you can use.  After all the glucose in your blood has been used, the next possible source of energy would be the stored glucose also known as glycogen.  After the supply of glycogen has been depleted, the conversion of fats into energy will then start.  But doing this for a long period of time is not recommended as it can lower your rate of metabolism and lower the burning of fat.  That is why the short-term fasting has been introduced through Fast Diet.


Fast Diet is not similar to unhealthy reducing weight such as crash diet and force starvation.  With 5:2 Diet, you can still guarantee that you will have a steady supply of nutrients that will surely maintain your healthy body.  This diet will require you to eat a minimal food but only for a short period of time thus preventing the slowing down of the metabolism rate.  Even Dr. Mosley believes that a prolonged starvation and fasting is not healthy to the body and will cause muscle loss.

Based on the study by Mark Mattson, a neuroscientist, intermittent fasting such as Fast Diet will increase the BDNF.  It is a type of protein found in the brains that encourages the production of neurons in the hippocampus.  This portion of the brains is in charge of creating memories which mean that a healthy hippocampus means a lesser possibility of acquiring dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  Intermittent fasting is also an old tradition that has been harnessed and innovated in order to create the healthiest form of diet.

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