How to Gain Weight Fast


You will never want to be too fat or too slim. Some people will always aim for the right size to fit in, to avoid disorders and sickness and to feel good about them. That is the very reason why the gym was invented and patronized by a lot of people.


Workouts and diets are the best things that people can do to achieve the size they’ve been dreaming of. A size that is not too thin for winter and not too heavy for summer. There will always be a chance to do it, and enjoy the benefits it can give.


Being slim naturally is alright, but for some, they think that they could weigh better than that. Being slim doesn’t mean that you are sickly, but it is one of the first impressions of the people when they see someone that is too slim for natural.


Some thinks that by eating a lot and reading magazines and books about how to gain weight fast will do the trick, well, it’s wrong. Gaining weight is also as exhausting as trying to lose weight, you will need to maintain the best discipline you could ever wear until you achieve your goal and afterwards.


How to gain weight fast:


Just because you want to gain weight fast, that doesn’t mean that you have to eat a lot and everything. There will be a tendency that you won’t just gain weight, but you’ll find yourself bloated before you can even stop it. To gain weight fast you need to eat the right food such as the following:


  1. Eat a lot of food that contains calories: The more calories your body burn, such as apple the more chances that you’ll gain weight. You need to aim at a thousand burnt calories at the end of the day.
  2. Eat foods that contain a lot of protein: Always remember that you are aiming to achieve the right size of your body, not go fat. So make sure that your protein intake is high because it will help you convert the food into muscles and not body fats.


  1. Eat a lot of Carbs and Water: If you can notice, people who are trying to lose weight avoid eating foods with a lot of carbohydrates; you need to do the opposite and eat a lot of foods with carbohydrates such as meat and rice.


Aside from eating the above-mentioned foods, you need to work out every day. You need to perform squats and pushups to help you gain muscles and not fats this is one of the secrets on how to gain weight fast.

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